St Patrick's Day

Who was St Patrick, and what is the history of St Patrick’s Day? Find the answers in this webquest, and learn about how 17th March is celebrated around the world.



 Hi everyone,

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Making wishes (Present & Future)
- Write 2 things that annoy you and you would like people to change. 
E.g. I wish peeople wouldn't start stupid rumours that aren't true.
- Write 2 things you wish you could do but you can't.
-Write 2 things you wish you had which would improve your life. 

Making wishes (Past) (=REGRETS)
-Write 2 things you wish you had done when you were younger. 

-Write 2 things you wish you hadn't done when you were younger. 


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Interaction written task

This is an excerpt from an email you received from your best friend:
…You know lately I have been feeling a bit out of shape and I would like to do some sport on a regular basis. The problem is I am very lazy. Can you give me some advice on exercise routine that really helps me? What about going to a gym or joining a sports association? …  

Now, write an email of between 70 and 80 words to your best friend where you give them some advice.